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List of Warm Ups

Each Warm Up is due before 9 AM on the due date (the same date that the home work is due in class for the corresponding chapter) and will not be accepted more than three days before the due date.

Chapter 1.1, Warm Up #1: Functions

Chapter 2.1, Warm Up #2: Tangent Lines

Chapter 2.6, Warm Up #3: Limits and Tangent Lines

Chapter 3.3, Warm Up #4: The Derivative

Chapter 3.5, Warm Up #5: Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 3.7, Warm Up #6: Implicit Differentiation

Chapter 4.1, Warm Up #7: Mean Value Theorem

Chapter 4.4, Warm Up #8: Limits at Infinity

Chapter 4.5, Warm Up #9: Curve Sketching

Chapter 4.8, Warm Up #10: Applications to Economics

Chapter 5.2, Warm Up #11: The Area Function

Chapter 5.4, Warm Up #12: The Fresnel Function

Chapter 6.2, Warm Up #13: Volume by Washers

Chapter 6.5, Warm Up #14: Mean Value Theorem


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