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Computer projects for each chapter are due by the chapter review day before the chapter test. Projects not completed correctly will be returned without a grade, but may be re-submitted for full credit when completed correctly.

The following are PDF files that contain information and instructions concerning the computer projects:

Computer Project Guidelines and Instructions

Basic MAPLE Commands

Common Errors

Further Notes

Project 1 Chapter 1.2 Arithmetic and Simple Algebra using Maple

Project 2 Chapter 1.3 Functions of a Single Variable and Graphing

Project 3 Chapter 2.2 Guessing Limits Numerically

Project 4 Chapter 2.4a The Precise Definition of a Limit

Project 5 Chapter 3.4 Ballistics

Project 6 Chapter 3.8 Differentiation

Project 7 Chapter 3.10 Linear Approximations and Differentials

Project 8 Chapter 4.2 The Mean Value Theorem

Project 9 Chapter 4.3 Concavity and Inflection Points

Project 10 Chapter 4.5b Graphing Functions

Project 11 Chapter 4.9c Newton's Method

Project 12 Chapter 5.1a Integration: Riemann Sums

Project 13 Chapter 5.3a The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Project 14 Chapter 6.3a Surfaces of Revolution

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